Coffee grinder help?

I seem to have stumbled onto a hobby. You see, it started with my first French press coffee experience. I think it was at Chez Colette, the French restaurant that used to be in the Sofitel. I came home from brunch with Candace and told my dad about the delicious coffee and how they served it.

“Big deal,” he said, “we totally* have one of those in the basement.”**

Thus began my coffee making education.

I used the French press throughout law school whenever I had a leisurely morning*** and occasionally watched my dad make Greek coffee in a Turkish pot.

The next step came with the purchase of my first Moka pot, which reminded me of the coffee my Nana would brew in her percolator.

While in Italy, I spied a stovetop espresso maker, kind of like this, that came with a little red cup. I used it to ease myself back into a life that lacked a smiling waiter bringing me a steaming cappuccino every morning.

But the stovetop contraptions just don’t work the same without a gas stove – the heat distribution on an electric range isn’t ideal for the smaller footprint. To soothe some of my electric stove woes, I’ve turned to this ceramic filter holder with a mesh filter. So civilized. I add two scoops of coffee to the filter in the holder, then once the water boils, add about a cup and a half in three steps, to allow the grounds to bloom and do whatever it is they need to do.

So that’s my hobby – a growing collection of coffee contraptions, all of which require different levels of grinding for optimal deliciousness. And that, dear readers, is where you come in.

I had bought a tin of pre-ground Illy coffee (on sale at Kitchen Kapers, woo!), but that’s now kaput. My plan is to keep whole beans on hand (well, in the freezer) and just grind a bit at a time. I know a burr grinder is probably my best bet, and I definitely want one that has different grind settings. But which one?

Go, Internet hive mind, go!

* Forgive the artistic license, as my dad has probably never used “totally” in such a way.
** Everything is in the basement, including, as I discovered after breaking the first French press pot, a back-up French press pot.
*** Oh, how I miss those mornings.


April 18, 2011. Uncategorized.


  1. Miriam replied:

    You should ask Ryan at Old City! And I think I need to convert my desk cabinet into a coffee bar. I only need coffee when I’m working. Then you can come over!

    • sarahdares replied:

      You should definitely convert your desk. You don’t *really* need a computer.

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