Fourth of July Dinner

Professor Jordan emailed me this recipe as a challenge and it turned out to be quite easy to put together. Especially because I was able to pick up everything at the Vietnamese grocery store on 38 in New Jersey. I figured we’d need a little more for dinner, so I threw together some chickpea burgers as well.


The spread! Table and fancy serving ware provided by Mir and Jacob.

On the left hand side we have pickles from the Rittenhouse Square farmers’ market, as well as lettuce and tomato for the chickpea burgers. Then, fixings for the Vietnamese pancakes – lime and shredded papaya (you can buy it preshredded at the Vietnamese grocery store?), enoki mushrooms and basil/mint, bean sprouts and green onions, green pepper and carrot (shredded using my Japanese mandolin of DANGER), rolls and pancakes themselves.


Photo by Professor Jordan.


I made the chickpea burgers by sauteing carrot and pepper in coconut oil, processed chickpeas with an egg and then mixed the lot together with some corn flour. These were baked for a bit at 450 and served with Sriracha mayonnaise.


Dessert was a blueberry lime cake with ice cream.

Second dessert was episode two of True Blood. #teameric


July 12, 2011. Dinner Disclosure, Make it again.


  1. brian replied:

    ooo those look delicious! i wanna try chickpea burgers!

  2. sarahdares replied:

    They’re so easy and great! I seasoned these with Old Bay.

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