Dinner Disclosure, 4/4/11

Hey, this is back!


Dinner tonight is brought to you by this gorgeous spring day, this post, getting out of work “early” and DiBruno’s.

I diced half a red onion, and chopped a few Roma tomatoes while some conveniently frozen bread chunks (leftover from a baguette from a while ago) defrosted and toasted in the oven. The lot was tossed with some lemon zest, lemon juice and olive oil and left to marinate for a bit.

I had some green leaf lettuce (from the Panache Food organic fruit and veggie box I split with Jordan and Dr. Lindsay), which I sprinkled with balsamic vinegar. The panzanella was added and then topped with ricotta and some more olive oil.



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Blogging on the bus

Last night’s dinner at Banana Leaf, nasilemak, enjoyed while beginning to read Ideas In Food, which is fascinating.

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Dinner Disclosure, 12/9/10

Around 4pm on Friday, I came to the conclusion that I wanted to dine well that night. Do you ever get that urge? It rarely happens that I want to have a good dinner AND have the energy to make it myself.

I found this recipe for a lemony kale salad and seared salmon. I’d never not-cooked kale before, but I had been thinking about Marisa’s lemony-spinach salad since trying it at the potluck for Amanda Hesser. Yup, it was that good.

I also decided to try Pint Glass Bread. Ambitious? Yes. But it was Friday and the only thing I had to do on Saturday was attend an Army-Navy tailgate.

A quick stop at DiBruno’s (so expensive, but so close to work!) yielded the salmon and kale, as well as some cheddar for dessert. Once I got home, I assembled the bread and got it in the oven. The kale was next, so it had a bit of time to marinate in the lemon-olive oil dressing.

It’s at this point that I started pondering putting the kale into a skillet for a super quick saute, as I was still not sure exactly why I wasn’t cooking it.

But I didn’t!


I enjoyed my lovely dinner while watching The Ref, one of my favorite holiday movies.

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Dinner Disclosure, 11/8/10

Tonight I came home with the intention of creating a big pot of stew to eat for lunch and dinner this week. I sauteed carrots, onion and green pepper with some garlic and then added white and sweet potatoes as well as some ground turkey.

Then, remember my question about the schmaltz?

I decided to use that to make a super thin gravy – schmaltz, flour, chicken stock. Then, because I realized there wasn’t enough chicken stock, I made a quick vegetable stock with the ends of onions and carrots and let that simmer away while I was getting everything else ready.

Once combined, I let everything meld together while I cleaned up.

But while I was washing the dishes, I realized I didn’t really want turkey stew for dinner.

Luckily, I have quite a few Brussels sprouts (really, that’s how it’s spelled?). I sliced them thinly and sauteed them in some butter and olive oil and topped the lot with a fried egg.

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If I have to be at work past 9pm, then I get to have Scotch for dinner.

Accompanied by an orzo concoction made by roommate Gabe.

Edited to add: I’m watching the “Anxiety Soups” episode of Bitchin Kitchen (thank you, Dr. Lindsay) and it reminded me that I made chicken stock the other night and ended up with some lovely schmaltz. Any one have any suggestions for usage? I’ve never made matzo ball soup before…

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Sweet Potato Cakes

Remember that other half of a HUGE sweet potato* I was working with on Sunday? It’s lurking in the background of this picture and the other half is hanging out around the chicken.

I peeled and cubed the other half and boiled it til tender. Once cooked, I refrained from grabbing a spoon and just eating it as-was, and instead mashed it and set aside.

Then, on Monday, I assembled my ingredients:


Aforementioned sweet potatoes, garlic powder, half a can of green chilis and…well, you might remember this ingredient from BeanBurgerpalooza. I labeled it “corn meal” but really I think it’s closer to a corn flour. Is that a thing?

Anyway. I mixed everything together, dredged it in a mixture of the corn flour, garlic powder, salt and pepper, and then fried it in coconut oil.

Hold on.

Have we talked about coconut oil? Coworker Linda suggested I try it and while it’s not going to replace olive oil for me completely, it is pretty fantastic. I used in a stir fry for my first use and it added a really subtle coconut flavor. So don’t use it unless you want that.


The finished dish was crunchy outside and creamy inside with a bit of heat from the chilis. I served the cakes with a bit of Tonkatsu sauce** along side some ham cooked with char siu sauce and a side of tomatoes and pickled peppers. Enjoyed with a glass of wine and a view of Antiques Roadshow, Presidents Edition.

*OK, it might be a yam. But “yam cakes” sounds kind of gross.

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Dinner Disclosure, 10/24

I have so much to write about – Le Bec Fin, Majolica, the highlights of the European Adventure – but another looming deadline for work is taking precedence. In the meantime, I will share what I just made for dinner, because it was awesome. Are you ready for this?

Turkey Chili with Pumpkin

What’s so delicious about plain ole cornbread, you might be asking? How about the fact that I greased the cast iron pan with bacon fat? Oh me oh my.

Also, I lit a pumpkin-scented candle, so the apartment is ALL kinds of fall bliss right now. Huzzah.

Back to the grind.

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Zoom, Dinner

I made an epically fast dinner tonight. Two cups of water, brought to a boil with peas, an unidentified frozen hunk of green vegetable matter given to me by my mother that turned out to be kale, small veggie dumplings and miso paste. Stir, smush up the miso to incorporate and serve with chopsticks and soup spoons.

But that’s not the the awesome part of tonight.


Ok, that’s one of the awesome parts of tonight.

But the even more awesome part?

I crushed up Sweetzels Spiced Wafers and added them to yogurt.

And it. Was. Delicious.

Maybe you should try it.

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Hey Internet

Let’s say, hypothetically, that you stopped by the Vietnamese grocery store in New Jersey one night and got super excited to see they were selling cans of sardines – not just in oil and water, but in flavors like “spicy tomato sauce! – for half of what you might pay at your neighborhood bodega, that has an awesome beer selection, but ridiculous markups.

You’d probably buy a few varieties, right? And so I did. I got a can of sardines in regular tomato sauce (brand name: La Fe; ingredients: sardines, vegetable oil, tomato, salt; slogan: “El sabor de mi tierra!”) that looked pretty basic and one of “spiced Portuguese sardines in tomato sauce” (brand name: Mascato; ingredients: sardines, tomato sauce, olive oil, hot sauce, chile pepper (piri-piri), cucumber and salt; slogan: N/A).

I decided to try the spiced version tonight in a panzanella-like salad. Meaning it also had dried bread, tomatoes, and mozzarella. And it was gooooooooooood (confidential to Portugal: we need to talk about your definition of “spicy”). So good, that I’m pretty sure I’ll make it again with the can of boring tomato-sauced sardines and try to spice them up with Tabasco or something.

So that aside, the first experimental tasting of the Vietnamese grocery store sardines was a success.

But here’s what I need to throw out to you, dear Internet.

I also bought a can of octopus in vegetable oil (brand name: La Fe; ingredients: octopus, vegetable oil, salt; slogan: “El sabor de mi tierra!”). Internet, what am I supposed to do with it?

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The newness

Oh, friends. I got a new computer. And I was so excited to tell you all about it, but I’ve spent the past three days downloading updates and uploading files and I am…not so excited any more.

Ok, I still am. It’s so shiny:


The above is Thursday night’s dinner. Zucchini, peppers, and carrots stir-fried with kimchi, served with rice and tofu (shades of this dinner, yes?).


Also somewhat shiny. But tastier.

And now, back to downloading the latest iPhone update (Steve Jobs, are you KIDDING ME).

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