This is my last free weekend for a quite a while, so I’m attempting to cram as much organization into it as possible. Which includes trying to prep some blog posts so that April doesn’t arrive before I have a chance to pop over here.

Oh! But in case you’re wondering about some of my random eats, please check out my Foodspotting page – and please excuse the lack of awesome photography. I’m working with the iPhone 3G, NO not the 3GS, the 3G. Apple needs to announce the 5 like whoa.

So while I work on all that, I’ll leave you with this morning’s breakfast, prepared after I used the bike at the gym as an excuse to read a bunch of magazines. Please note that I haven’t been home, except to sleep, for the past week (or two? I don’t know, it’s kind of fuzzy), so this is based on those pantry items that I buy because they won’t expire in 2 weeks (fresh fruit would probably be delicious with this):

Mix a quarter cup of old fashioned oats with a cup of almond milk (you guys, almond milk takes FOREVER to expire, which is awesome when you forget to open your fridge for weeks at a time) and a Chinese soup spoon of chia seeds (about 2 tablespoons?). Set aside.

Fill the kettle and set it to boiling.

Add some brown sugar and a teaspoon of raspberry jam to the oats mixture. Stir again.

Run hot water through a ceramic coffee cone and mesh filter. Add two scoops of finely ground coffee.

Stir the oat mixture again.

Hey, the water’s boiling! Pour a little onto the grounds, to get them wet and allow them to “bloom.” Add more water and allow it to drip through.

Mix up the oats again and taste. Add more of whatever it needs. Add a splash of almond milk to the coffee.

Voila! Breakfast.


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Hello, Saturday

Robert Burns party prep is a go.

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I wish you could smell this

Remember this dinner, which included this kale salad?

Well, I picked up a bunch of kale on Sunday, while on a Home Show/Nan Zhou adventure with Danielle that included a jaunt (yes, we jaunted) through Reading Terminal Market (other finds: some amazing, amazing apples from the Fair Food Farmstand).

Said kale was already wilty from its overnight stay in the fridge, so I made it into the lemony-garlic salad of goodness and enjoyed it with a bowl of delicious chili and a cheddar-jalapeno biscuit made by roommate Gabe and his girlfriend, Sara. Had there been no chili and biscuit, I was fully prepared to have a giant bowl of kale for dinner. Mmm, leafy greens.

Anyway, fast-forward to tonight. Snow storm + nibbles from early evening going away party for Shefali that was supposed to function as dinner = Hey! It’s 10pm, I’m watching Extra Virgin and I’m starving!

The episode was about Debi Mazar’s Tuscan husband’s desire to keep chickens in their backyard, so he can have access to all the fresh eggs for his fritattas. As a side note, I can completely relate. Were it not for the fact that I now know what chickens smell like, I would totally be one of those urban chicken owners.

Anyway – it’s 10pm, I’m watching a show that involves eggs and I’m hungry. The most logical conclusion would be to fry an egg, but what to serve with it? Gabe and Sara had brought home a loaf of garlic bread the other day, so maybe an egg sandwich?

OR maybe I’d fry up an egg whilst it was nestled among some lemony-garlicy kale?

Please note: this was a very, very good decision.

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Christmas Day 2010

Our tree!

I got to spend Christmas Day lounging about the house with the family. It started with coffee and this monkey bread:


Then, presents (including a new love seat and chair for the parents’ living room), including modeling of some of said presents:


We had more coffee and monkey bread, followed by a viewing of Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World while we enjoyed the new furniture.

We had no where to be, so we had a late breakfast and then just puttered about, enjoying our new toys and reading our new books. Eventually, we were hungry again and so we went back into the kitchen:


set the table:


and threw this lovely little dinner together:


Beef tenderloin, roasted with bacon, mashed potatoes, saucy mushrooms, and asparagus with Bearnaise sauce.

It was my first time making Bearnaise, and I was somewhat bolstered by the fact that one of the letters I read in As Always, Julia concerned this very sauce. I took it to be a sign that mine would turn out deliciously and it did!

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Yup, another one

There’s just something mesmerizing about watching this process.

Fabrication de bonbons à Berlin from philmotion productions on Vimeo.

Also, I want to try all of those flavors!

(Found here)

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I’ve watched this twice already

If you’ve read my 2011 goals, you’ll have seen that baking bread and conquering my fear of yeast is one of them. My carbohydrate mastery is still down among the quick breads that don’t require any rising or proofing (case in point – are those two different things?).

That being said, watching this video makes me feel like I could make croissants and other pretty pastries. You know, so long as I had that amazing kitchen and equipment.

(danke, Jason Kottke, who got it from aaron)

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Seven Fishes

Pictures from our seven fishes dinner…you’ll have to forgive the lack of prose, but I think the delicious imagery more than makes up for it?

Ok, maybe this doesn’t count as “delicious”

Family, do you remember what made Momma laugh?


Janine, fryin’ smelts

Janine, angry at LJ for ruining another picture

OK, now on to deliciousness: hot pepper salad (HOT)

Baccala salad

Documenting the meal

Pasta with clam sauce

Pierogies, three types: sauerkraut, prune, potato


Pasta with anchovies and breadcrumbs

Fried smelts

Baked flounder

Baccala in tomato sauce



My plate

Cake time!

Happy birthday, little brother.

As a present, I allowed LJ to take a blurry, surprise picture of me with my camera.

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Sunday Morning

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Holiday Extravaganzas

I hosted some of my family for a holiday dinner and gift exchange again this year. My previous time had been just after I started working, and when I had a lot more time to prepare. This year, the end of year rush left no time to prepare a huge vat of sauce and meatballs to accompany a big pan of ziti, so I instead bought a spiral cut ham from Trader Joe’s and made a pot of mac & cheese. But the girls started off the day with brunch at Farmacia, before taking in our yearly Nutcracker viewing. Below, the day in pictures:


The brunch trinity: mimosa, coffee and water.

Prepping for dinner

Delicious bread

Ryan, entertaining us.

LJ, trying to entertain us

Sometimes, you just have to shake out your hair.


Ending the night with a vogue.

BUT WAIT THERE WAS MORE: Brother LJ surprised me with a supplementary birthday present!

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Happy Holidays

I’m heading out for a little Christmas Eve shopping, and then we’ll go get our Christmas tree, but before I do that, I just want to wish every one of my few, precious readers a fabulous end to 2010.

Now turn the lights on the tree. Turn’m on!

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