Sunday dinner

Chicken with an herb rub roasted over onions, carrots, sweet and regular potatoes. Served with tarragon mayo.




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Surprise Breakfast

I’d battled a cold earlier this week, so most of my meals at home revolved around OJ and DiBruno’s Italian Wedding soup (not my first choice, they were out of plain chicken noodle).

I woke up this morning, thinking that I had nothing in the apartment for breakfast. Au contraire.

Two fried eggs, toasted stale baguette, plum and ewephoria cheese from last weekend’s regatta watching. Plus (strong, sweet) tea and OJ.

Now, I have no food in the apartment.


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Night Market Chinatown


Night Market Chinatown, a set on Flickr.

Scenes from tonight’s Night Market in Chinatown, plus dinner at Ting Wong.

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Good morning

This is, by far, the coolest coffee maker I own.


This was my Aunt Virg’s – insurance saleswoman, painter, reader of all things. It’s a Pyrex and makes a fabulous cup of coffee.

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Beans and Greens

I took a bit of a hiatus while I was moving to a new apartment. And then it took me a while to get the hang of the new (so small, but so charming) kitchen.

I’ve been taking pictures of a few dinners, but last weekend saw the creation of an awesome turkey stew and the return to a regular cooking schedule.

Tonight’s dinner was the best yet. I sautéed onion, garlic, and two anchovies in coconut oil, then layered in rainbow chard and beans. Then a cup of chicken stock went in and the lot was covered for a bit to cook everything down.



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Dinner Disclosure, July 25

I spent a few days down the shore last weekend. Cousin Carin’s husband Ed (call him for your carpet-cleaning needs!) went fishing on Saturday and caught some tuna. Because I’m his favorite female cousin-in-law (hear that, Lauren and Janine?), he gave me two HUGE pieces! I finished processing them tonight (ie took off the skin and the grody dark parts), cut a bit for dinner and froze the rest for future dinners.

Seasoned with salt and pepper, then seared slightly too long (wasn’t nearly red enough inside) in coconut oil. Finished with lemon juice and served along side smashed potatoes with Old Bay and butter and lemon-and-olive-oil dressed salad.


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Dinner Disclosure, July 18

Ramen noodles and peas, dressed with a peanut butter/tahini/soy sauce/Sriracha mix. Served with kimchi.



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Fourth of July Dinner

Professor Jordan emailed me this recipe as a challenge and it turned out to be quite easy to put together. Especially because I was able to pick up everything at the Vietnamese grocery store on 38 in New Jersey. I figured we’d need a little more for dinner, so I threw together some chickpea burgers as well.


The spread! Table and fancy serving ware provided by Mir and Jacob.

On the left hand side we have pickles from the Rittenhouse Square farmers’ market, as well as lettuce and tomato for the chickpea burgers. Then, fixings for the Vietnamese pancakes – lime and shredded papaya (you can buy it preshredded at the Vietnamese grocery store?), enoki mushrooms and basil/mint, bean sprouts and green onions, green pepper and carrot (shredded using my Japanese mandolin of DANGER), rolls and pancakes themselves.


Photo by Professor Jordan.


I made the chickpea burgers by sauteing carrot and pepper in coconut oil, processed chickpeas with an egg and then mixed the lot together with some corn flour. These were baked for a bit at 450 and served with Sriracha mayonnaise.


Dessert was a blueberry lime cake with ice cream.

Second dessert was episode two of True Blood. #teameric

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Dinner Disclosure, 7/6

I saw that a couple of Foodspotting friends were at SPTR tonight, eating an amazing tomato sandwich. I still haven’t been to SPTR, which is a damn shame, but tonight wasn’t going to be the night either.

Luckily, I had some ingredients. Four Winds Pumpernickel, mayo, lettuce, tomato, and jalapeño pickles from the Rittenhouse farmers market.

Go for dinner!


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Meme Fried Chicken Thursday

Last week marked my second visit to Meme for their Thursday lunch special (they’re normally just open for dinner). $11 gets you the only dish on the menu – two pieces of amazingly fried chicken, a piece of cornbread and a drink. An extra $2 gets you the side of the day.

Go here. It is so, so good.


July 5, 2011. Philly. 2 comments.

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