Yesterday’s Eats

I finally visited Percy Street BBQ’s Comcast Center location. I’d been warned in advance about both the deliciousness and post-lunch-coma-inducing properties of the sandwiches, so I decided to get three sides instead:

Greens, Pintos, Cole Slaw @ Percy Street BBQ

Collard Greens, Pinto Beans and Cole Slaw. Perfect lunch, especially because I finished it off with nut brittle from Dr. Lindsay’s fabulous momma Mary. Mary, that brittle is AWESOME. Recipe please?

Last night ended with an unplanned return trip to Dim Sum Garden with Linda.

Juicy Buns (soup dumplings) @ Dim Sum Garden

Juicy Buns, of course.

chinese broccoli @ Dim Sum Garden

Chinese Broccoli with LOTS of garlic.

Asparagus @ Dim Sum Garden

“Seasonal Vegetable” – UNBELIEVABLY delicious asparagus. Perfection.

Pan Fried Steamed Soup Dumplings (off Menu) @ Dim Sum Garden

Pan Fried Steamed Soup Dumplings. So. Good.

taro bun @ mong kok station bakery

American Cheesecake @ mong kok station bakery

We finished the night with a taro bun and “American cheesecake” at Mong Kok Bakery.


December 3, 2011. Philly.


  1. yummarksthespot replied:

    Mmmm… I think you’re going to definitely know the answer to Thursday’s post..

  2. The Cozy Herbivore replied:

    Wow, everything looks so yummy! Great pictures. Next time you go to Percy Street, try the Hillbilly Gatorade. It’s a Miller High Life, barbecue sauce and pickle juice. Sounds gross, tastes AWESOME!

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